Starting September 2017 we are taking Abundant Land across the country and screening the film at universities, non-profits, libraries, public schools, eco-learning centers and community organizations.  Learn more about how hosting a screening can build community and amplify your organization's message.  


This year, we’ve launched a national campaign called Planting Solutions, where we will work with organizations and universities interested in hosting a screening to bring the film to communities across the country and pair it with teachers and practitioners of regenerative agricultural practices who can speak to audience members following a screening.  We’ve created the Abundant Land Screening Kit to give organizations an easy to use tool to share the film with their local communities.

The Abundant Land Screening Kit includes all the tools necessary to host a successful event:

·      Abundant Land DVD

·      License to publicly exhibit the film

·      Social media graphics to help promote the event

·      Full Sized Film Poster


Screening Abundant Land can be a powerful way to:

·      Increase Engagement within your existing membership by promoting the event.

·      Build Community and Attract New Members.

·      Inspire members to learn how permaculture can help communities re-connect with local food systems.

·      Motivate communities to embrace permaculture to connect with the natural environment and grow food.

·      Encourage members to learn about indigenous land management and deepen one’s connection to the land.


This film makes a crucial point for permaculture enthusiasts and anyone interested in re-designing food systems: without the empowered inclusion and leadership of Indigenous communities, we won’t achieve true or lasting change.
— Antonio Roman-Alcala, Civil Eats Writer, Permaculture Instructor and Food Systems Organizer

Inspire Your Members

Use the film to recruit new members by introducing them to alternative ways of growing food, connecting to the land and inspire learning of indigenous land management practices.

Complement Your Programs

Motivate members to take a specific action like joining a CSA, enrolling in a nearby permaculture course, shopping at the local food co-op, or volunteering for your organization.


Engage Your Community 

Give your members an opportunity to heighten a sense of belonging to the land by inviting and learning from local farmers using permaculture, indigenous or natural techniques.

Hold a post-screening workshop which builds on some of the film’s core themes.  Workshops can range from an introduction to permaculture to increasing food security.

Organize a post screening discussion where local food, permaculture and environmental experts speak on a panel following the screening of the film.

As a permaculture instructor what I found most interesting about Abundant Land was that permaculture co-founder Bill Mollison visited Hawaiʻi, studied the local land management system known as the ahupua’a, and was inspired by the fact that it was a truly sustainable model that allowed the island chain to be self-sufficient and food abundant for centuries. When I read Bill Mollison’s work on watershed management design, I now clearly see the influence of Hawaiian ahupuaʻa design. Permaculture students can benefit from watching the film Abundant Land because it shows examples and detailed educational graphics of the inner workings of the ahupuaʻa; the sophisticated Hawaiian permaculture system.
— Loxley Clovis, Permaculture Instructor, Historian, Gardener and Documentarian.

Need help figuring out how to host a screening?  

Contact the director at to learn more about your screening options.