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* This offer includes a one time digital download of the film.  Those who wish to screen from a DVD can do so for 19.99.  This covers the cost of manufacturing and shipping the DVD.  

*Those living outside of the US who are interested in taking advantage of this offer would have a different shipping rate. 

Host a Screening for Earth Day

Looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day?

Screening the film Abundant Land is a great way to inspire community members to embrace alternatives to industrial agriculture, learn about the Hawaiian indigenous food system and permaculture.

Abundant Land is a 60-minute documentary that follows a group of Hawaiian residents on Moloka’i as they oppose the biotech industry's use of their island to test genetically engineered seeds, and work to restore an integrated food system based on ancient Hawaiian farming practices.

Fill in the info below and we will get back to you with specifics on how to move forward.  Thank you!

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